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Twenty-something-year-old. Midwest-based.

god created june

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major site update - summer 2023

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After a three-year undertaking, I’m ecstatic to finally launch a ‘completed’ version 2 of the facilitycontrol website.

This exercise has largely manifested as self-taught trial and error, fueled by the motivation to build a lightweight, sustainable, and accessible foundation from which to share my work. Along the way, I’ve even learned the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and Hugo using freely available internet published resources!

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june 2023 playlist


  1. Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar - “AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM (feat. Kendrick Lamar)“
  2. Yves Tumor - “God Is a Circle“
  3. Chanel Beads - “Ef“
  4. bar italia - “Polly Armour“
  5. Rahill, Beck - “Fables“
  6. Sweet Trip - “Pro: Lov: Ad“
  7. corook - “CGI“
  8. Liv.e - “Wild Animals“
  9. Shira Small - “My Life’s All Right“
  10. Lafayette Afro Rock Band, Ice - “Ozan Koukle - Remastered“

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about me

Photo of Dani, also known as 'facilitycontrol'.

Hi! ‘facilitycontrol’ is the online persona of Chicago-based artist, D.A. (that’s me)! Through gormless doodles on old receipts and other scraps, I draw inspiration from ephemera and the everyday. Motivated to understand life’s absurdity and reflect on childhood nostalgia, my work has been described as ‘scribbly, rough, emotional, and raw’.

For a decade following my early adolescence, I ceased to make art for the sake of making art. At a young age I would often draw monsters, mythical creatures, and silly men. Returning to creation as a passion, much of the content and style of my childhood conceptions have been carried forth today.

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