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loud noises & obscure garbage

Twenty-something-year-old. Midwest-based.

"estes & glenwood" risograph

Unintelligible Coral-colored graffiti overlayed on an abstracted black-and-white photo of an 'L' train passing over Estes Ave on a bridge.

2-color Risograph on 67# Vellum Bristol Cover (147 gsm). 11x8.5". Printed by Outlet PDX. FC0001.

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"right as rain" poem

Addicted; for years you were addicted.

Still are—
in some capacity.
If not to one thing—
than to another.

All the same.


All the same.

Can't blame you either.

Even if it meant nothing to them.
Even if you said it meant nothing to you.

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january playlist


  1. Happy Diving - “Intro/Small World“
  2. botanichesky sad - “сегодня просто не мой день“
  3. Meaningful Stone - “Dancing in the rain“
  4. Moontype - “About You“
  5. Friko - “Repeat Yourself“
  6. Subsonic Eye - “Fruitcake“
  7. fanclubwallet - “Car Crash in G Major“
  8. Texpack, Edo Wallad - “Gadog (Feat. Edo Wallad)“
  9. Dean Martin - “Volare (Nel Blu Di Pinto Di Blu) - Remastered 1998“
  10. The Umbrellas - “Lonely“

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about me

Photo of Dani, also known as 'facilitycontrol'.

Hi! ‘facilitycontrol’ is the online persona of Chicago-based artist, Dani Anne (that’s me)! Through gormless doodles on old receipts and other scraps, I draw inspiration from ephemera and the everyday. Motivated to understand life’s absurdity and reflect on childhood nostalgia, my work has been described as ‘scribbly, rough, emotional, and raw’.

For a decade following my early adolescence, I ceased to make art for the sake of making art. At a young age I would often draw monsters, mythical creatures, and silly men. Returning to creation as a passion, much of the content and style of my childhood conceptions have been carried forth today.

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