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right as rain

Addicted; for years you were addicted.

Still are—
in some capacity.
If not to one thing—
than to another.

All the same.


All the same.

Can’t blame you either.

Even if it meant nothing to them.
Even if you said it meant nothing to you.

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i think i'm seeing stars

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baby's first beach bash

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estes & glenwood

Unintelligible Coral-colored graffiti overlapping an abstracted black-and-white photo of a Chicago 'L' train passing over Estes Ave on a bridge.

steady footing

Boiling pot. Shaking walls. Shattered glass. Rattled awake from exhaustive apathy.

Running with a sense of urgency. Although, without a sense of direction. Just away.

Adjacent to a bottomless pit. One-thousand disembodied arms pull me back from the unknown. They choke me, beat me. Chest tight - like a corset. Stagger. Slip. Cloud of dust - swirling.

Fingers, wrapped around the edge of bright red stone, pull into the void. Rush of wind, followed by:

Suspension; Clarity; Release.

Pot boils over. Walls remain. Glass unscathed.